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Doorception Infinite Rooms: Flip The Coin

ow lucky are you? How many correct doors can you memorize? Train your brain and memory! Find out how your luck works! Every time you can pick your door - left door or right door. There's a skeleton behind one of them. If you stumble in on a skeleton than you have lost. It's like a coin flip you when choose heads or tails. If you choose right you go in the next room. So how far can you go? Keep in mind that in the end there are treasures you have to uncover. Fun part is that correct doors in every room are the same for every phone. So you can ask your friends for help or share with them correct doors. Not so fun part is that if you made a mistake you have to start over and recall from your memory witch doors were correct ones. Its very fun game and we hope you'll enjoy playing Doorception: Infinite Rooms.